If the rug fragment becomes soiled, surface dirt maybe brushed off when dry. However more problematic soiling can be dealt with by sponging with a solution of mild detergent or proprietary carpet cleaner.



Leather is a beautiful, natural material known for being strong and durable. To keep it in pristine condition we recommend a small amount of good quality leather cleaner. Be aware though of the different types of leather used in your bag and test the cleaner first on a small patch. Do not scrub the leather.

We endeavour to have little wastage when making our bags, therefore we incorporate any scars or imperfections in the leather into the design of the bag. We believe this just adds to the special and unique qualities of the product.



A dry cloth or suede brush is best for cleaning the suede, if you are unsure take to a specialist. Be careful with sunlight and direct heat over prolonged periods as this can cause leather to fade or crack.



To avoid staining the lining please keep all pens and cosmetic products in safety of there own pouches. Fresh stains such as food of liquids should be cleaned immediately with a damp cloth.

Always keep your product in its protective dust bag and store in cool dry places.